Are You Protected From Fraudulent Insurance Claims?

August 15th, 2019

Fraudulent insurance claims cost businesses in the United States millions of dollars each and every year. Some see businesses as an opportunity to cash in, and they stage incidents in or in front of businesses they can use to make false insurance claims in order to take advantage of a situation. Small businesses in particular are major targets, and one incident of personal injury litigation can be devastating to business owners just starting out. 

When a slip and fall incident occurs on your small business property, it can be incredibly difficult to tell if it was legitimate or fraudulent. If the only evidence you have is employee word against the word of the injured party, you could already be on the losing side when it comes to fighting the case in a court of law. For businesses looking to survive fraudulent injury reports, security camera systems are one of the single best investments you can make. 

What Your Security Camera System Will Do For You

Your security camera system will help you in a variety of ways when it comes to protection against fraudulent claims. Some specific help points include: 

  • Keeping an eye on customers – Your security cameras don’t blink, they don’t sleep for the night, and they don’t leave the store or the office to go home with their families. Essentially, they’re always watching and they’ve always got an eye on customers or anyone stepping foot on your property. If an incident is staged or fraudulent, they’ll catch this, too, and you’ll be able to review the footage to see just what really happened. 

  • They can deter fraudulent incidents – When a person fakes an injury, and they get caught, they themselves can find themselves tangled in a legal web due to fraud. This is something those looking to cash in on fraudulent claims would like to avoid, and they know that they’re more likely to be caught in the act if a camera is watching. 

  • They can catch worker’s compensation scams – It’s not only customers or visitors to your property responsible for fraudulent claims. In some instances, employees will carry out fraudulent incidents and insurance claims in order to get a bit of paid time off on your dime. Your security cameras will keep an eye on employees and catch any incidents as they occur. 

  • Serve as evidence – In some tricky cases, it can be difficult to see if an incident is legitimate or fraudulent. Your security camera footage will serve as evidence in your claims case and get to the bottom of what truly happened. 

Keeping Your Business Protected

Fraudulent insurance claims can be devastating, and this rings particularly true for smaller businesses. Keeping your business protected allows you to keep moving forward without worry that fraudulent insurance claims will take your business down. If you’ve been the victim of false insurance claims, or you’d like to avoid becoming the victim of fraud in your business, contact us at All American Protection for more information today.