What Is Access Control For?

July 24th, 2019

Access control is really a very simple idea:  if you don’t want anyone and everyone entering a building, you need to have some device on the doors and windows that will stop everyone from getting in.  Every deadbolt and even the most simple door-handle lock is a kind of access control because a person can’t just walk in unless they have the right key or unless someone inside unlocks it for them.  However, you can invest more in access control by buying an electronic lock system from All American Protection.

How Electronic Access Control Works

A regular lock requires a key with just the right shape to move the tumblers and turn the lock.  Electronic locks demand a more sophisticated input, although what that input is depends on the lock.  Some will ask for a string of numbers typed into a keypad, some need a keycard you either swipe through the device or hold near a sensor, and some ask for biometric data like fingerprints, voice identification, or facial recognition.

Not only are electronic locks more secure than mechanical locks, you can also limit access for certain people by handing out individual keycards or codes and by adjusting who gets permission to go through which doors individually.  Installing electronic locks also gives you an opportunity to reinforce your doors and make them harder to force.  Biometrics and PIN codes also mean you don’t have to carry around a separate key or set of keys to move around while keycards are easy to keep with an ID card you might require your employees to carry.

Why Upgrade?

Electronic access control is more expensive than mechanical locks, but your employees will appreciate the convenience.  This makes them more likely to comply with your security systems and not try to bypass them by tailgating another employee after forgetting their key or leaving a door wedged open that should remain closed and locked.  Electronic access control is also harder for burglars to fool, which lowers the odds that someone will break into your workplace.

Other Benefits

  • Electronic access control can integrate into a larger security package, so you can do things like check camera feeds, arm or disarm the security alarm, and lock or unlock doors remotely using the same system.

  • Thanks to modern encryption technology, security companies like All American Protection can offer smartphone apps that let you control your security system online and use your phone as a security pass.

  • You can assign temporary passes to visitors to let them into secure areas for a few hours and then lock them out, keeping your security tight.

  • Insurance companies may offer discounts or specials for businesses that invest a certain amount of money into their security.

At All American Protection, we offer electronic access control and other security solutions for businesses of every size and private homes in need of extra protection.  We have several options available, and we can tailor your lock system to your company’s needs and available budget.  Contact us directly to learn the specifics of what we can set up for you.