10 Things To Avoid When It Comes To Your Hotel Security Cameras

September 27th, 2019

The hospitality industry has changed dramatically over the last decade. Today’s security and surveillance systems are a perfect example of this. Of course, while modern systems offer a tremendous range of features that you can utilize to really maximize your results, there are lots of things to avoid as well. 

Benefits of Security Camera Systems

Adding security camera systems offers a lot of different benefits. First is the obvious – profit loss. With cameras in place you can protect your establishment from theft or loss at the hands of dishonest guests as well as dishonest employees. But it goes further than that, and the right systems can also protect against things like frivolous lawsuits, compliance issues, and more.

Simply put, adding a security camera system can boost your annual profits by offering more protection against the unforeseen. 

Main Things To Avoid Regarding Your Surveillance System

There are several key things that you should avoid when it comes to the installation and use of your security camera system. Here are the main things that hotels, inns, and motels need to avoid.

  1. Avoid outdoor cameras unless you are ready to spend. They can protect the exterior, but the cost of commercial grade wireless equipment is very high.
  2. Don’t install camera systems that use outdated coax cable. You should make sure your system uses modern cat-5 or cat-6 cables.
  3. Avoid using a vendor just because they’re the cheapest or the one closest to you. The fact is that if they go out of business, you’ll be out of a connection and without help.
  4. PTZ cameras are great. But they won’t cover huge areas. They have limited coverage area, and work great within that area. But you need to remember that blowing your entire budget on one may not get you the results you want.
  5. Avoid mounting everything on the ceiling. You will need some cameras that give you a good look at faces, and cameras on the ceilings don’t provide that.
  6. Spend money to make sure you get a good NVR with plenty of processing power and storage.
  7. Exposed cameras can be easily cut. Make sure that your cables are put in conduit.
  8. Remote access is a great benefit, but if you’re going that route be sure that a static IP address is used instead of a dynamic one.
  9. For larger properties, be sure to ask about completion time. Large scale projects usually won’t be finished in a day.
  10. Reputable companies don’t demand all of the payment up front. Don’t fall for this trap and pay too much up front for your system.

Getting The Best System For Your Property

There are additional factors to consider here, and making sure that you get the best system for your property will often depend on who you have to help you. Our team can give you the system your hotel or motel requires and ensure you get the best results possible. Contact All American Protection today to get started.