3 Reasons Video Surveillance Can Help Your Business

July 9th, 2019

All business owners in Laredo, TX are primarily concerned with two things; making profit and avoiding loss. That usually involves employing many different methods in order to achieve those two goals, but there is one tool that can, with proper usage, do both for a business.

Getting a video surveillance system for your Laredo, TX business might seem like it’s only good for fighting crime. But there are many other uses for this that can not only cut down on your losses, but help you to grow your profits as well. Here are three ways the video surveillance can improve your business operations.

Crime Prevention

Of course, the primary reason that video surveillance is important is still just as valuable as ever. A security camera system is one of the most effective deterrents against theft that any retail business can have. Shoplifting is the #1 cause of business loss in the retail sector, and it’s not hard to see why. With so many items, many of them easy to carry, easily accessible on store shelves and racks, the temptation to steal may be too great for some to ignore.

However, the desire to avoid arrest and criminal charges is often greater. The presence of video surveillance dramatically increases the chances that a person’s shoplifting will be spotted. Even now, modern programming and algorithms are being developed so the cameras themselves can recognize the movements of shoplifting, and alert store owners. With so much risk now involved, most shoplifters think twice about theft when they know video surveillance is already in place.

Productivity Analysis

Security cameras are usually relied on to spot criminal activity, but the truth of the matter is, security cameras see everything else that occurs in a business as well. That includes the way customers navigate the environment, how your employees are interacting with them, and even what foot traffic is like to and from your points of sale.

This means that you can use security cameras to keep an eye on daily operations and see where inefficiencies are piling up. For example, you may notice that at the time you’ve assigned more cashiers in the store, business is not that active, whereas during what you thought were “low periods” your cashiers are overwhelmed by customers. Viewing this footage can teach when is the best time to schedule your staff.

Legal Protection

One of the worst things that can happen to any business is if an unhappy customer accuses the business of poor service, or injury, and this is a case of “your word against mine” because there are no witnesses. Security cameras can resolve these disputes.

For example, some lawsuits have been completely avoided when angry customers, claiming they slipped on spilled beverages that employees left on the floor, had their claims destroyed when security footage showed they pulled the drinks out of shelves themselves, poured them on the floor, and then got on the ground to fake an injury.

If you’d like to enjoy these benefits for your business in Laredo, TX, think about getting a video surveillance system. All American Protection is here to help, so just contact us and let us find the security solution that’s right for you.