4 Important Tips For Reducing Retail Theft

July 18th, 2019

Every industry has to worry about fraud and theft, but retail stores, in particular, have to deal with a lot of risk.  Sometimes there’s no telling which customers will walk out the door with something under their shirt or an extra item slipped into their bag, and employees often contribute by taking something during closing or by letting anyone use their employee discount.  Safety and security is important in every retail business, and there are several things you should do to boost your loss prevention.

  1. Hire The Right Employees

Your choice in staff can have a big impact on your bottom line.  Friendly employees can encourage the right kind of customers to keep coming and keep angry customers from trying to retaliate against the store.  Attentive employees can discourage shoplifters from trying anything and will act if they see something suspicious.  Loyal employees will avoid stealing from their employers and will use their perks in the way you intend.

  1. Place Security Cameras Intelligently

Your employees can’t be everywhere at once, but a few well-placed security cameras let someone see down a lot of aisles from a single location.  However, most businesses can only afford to buy so many cameras, plus it’s harder to keep track of six camera feeds compared to three.  That’s why it’s important to choose your angles wisely and use cameras that can capture enough detail to let you see what’s going on both near and far away.

  1. Offer Loss Prevention Training

If you ask an average person on the street what a shoplifter looks like, chances are they either won’t know or they’ll have a lot of misconceptions.  There are plenty of indicators like bulky clothing, large bags, nervous looks, and too much focus on employees, but many employees won’t know what to look for unless you give them some training.  Spending just an hour or two explaining what to look for and what to do can go a long way towards making an employee much more effective at preventing shoplifting.

  1. Use Tracking Systems

Tracking systems like security tags on clothing and RFID circuits on electronics boxes can be expensive to deploy and maintain, but if you sell high-cost items like smartphones or designer clothing they can make back that money in loss prevention.  Just be sure your employees know how the system works so they know how to remove tags at the register and react correctly if the system goes off accidentally or one of the cashiers makes a mistake.

Security is important for any business of just about any size, and in a retail store your risks can come from just about every angle.  You might experience vendor fraud or extortionate prices, employees who are a little too willing to grab things without paying for them, and customers who intend to leave the store without paying for anything.  Some of the solution comes from finding and training the right staff, but it also comes from using the right technology.  At All American Protection, we can provide that technology and help you choose the right security package for your business.