Breaking Down Video Surveillance Security For Small Businesses

November 14th, 2019

Many small business owners have something in common, and that’s that their business is one of their single biggest investments. They’ve likely sunk much of their money into their business, and they count on their business to keep them and their families afloat. While security might seem like a big investment, it should be considered an investment in your investment, keeping your business safe through all that it might experience.


Just under 10% of all small businesses will experience a robbery, burglary, or theft at some point in their lifespans. While a robbery at a single big box store in a chain might not set that business back too much, a robbery at a small business can be devastating. Even crimes more subtle, like occasional shoplifting, can hold major consequences, leading small business owners to experience a constant struggle between success and having to close their doors.


Video surveillance security is an accessible, effective, and worthwhile investment for any small business owner, and it may take breaking down the benefits to see just how a system like this could benefit you.


The Benefits Of Small Business Video Surveillance Security


Video surveillance security holds within it a plethora of benefits for small businesses, but it’s most effective to focus on a particularly important few. The most important benefits of video surveillance security for small businesses are:


  • Prevent employee theft – It’s not just intruders and shoplifters that small business owners need to worry about. Employee theft is a major problem, and one that costs billions from American businesses each and every year. Video surveillance technology helps to prevent employee theft and catches employees in the act should they decide to steal from your business.


  • Fraud prevention – A standard business can lose around 5% of its revenue through a single case of fraud. A slip and fall, a false harassment suit, and other forms of fraud can be very costly to small businesses that cannot prove the circumstances surrounding any particular incident. With video surveillance technology, you’ll have the evidence you need should any incident allegedly happen on your property.


  • Customers know you care – Your video surveillance security system doesn’t just protect you, and your customers know that. By having a system installed in your small business, your customers will know that you prioritize safety – both yours and theirs. When customers know you care, they’re more likely to feel comfortable and encouraged to shop with you.


Security For Any Small Business


Whether you have a food truck, a convenience store, a boutique, or anything in between, video surveillance security systems can work to improve the success of your small business. No two businesses are exactly the same, which is why a custom approach should be taken to every video surveillance installation. If you’re interested in having a video surveillance security system installed in your area small business, contact our professionals at All American Protection to learn more about what security can do for you today.