Business Security Pulls Its Own Weight

April 11th, 2019

Many small to medium sized business owners in the Laredo, TX region really take the idea of security for granted. For their commercial properties, they may believe that the investment in security is simply unnecessary, and it’s too big of a budget buster to really be worthwhile for their overall business goals. However, what many don’t know is just how security systems pull their own weight, and that businesses of any size are 4 times more likely to be burglarized than any home within any particular region.

For businesses of this size in Laredo all it takes is one burglary, one break-in, or one cybersecurity attack to completely devastate your business. With security measures put into place, you don’t just deter crime, but you catch the evidence you need should any sort of criminal mischief occur.

The High Costs Of Skipping Security

There are two big costs associated with skipping security, and these are costs due to theft and costs due to fear. Retail establishments throughout Laredo, TX are particularly vulnerable to theft losses, as it’s quite easy to unload merchandise and put it into a vehicle or simply walk out with it concealed on a person.

One example of the cost of theft can be found in a roving gang of thieves in the New England region, known for breaking into Target stores and leaving with high value merchandise. Typically focusing on electronics from brands like Apple, they lifted over $150,000 of merchandise after only two burglaries. While a massive retailer like Target didn’t need to shut its doors after such a massive burglary, the same cannot be said for many Laredo local small to medium sized retailers.

The next major cost is the cost of fear, and what fear does to your bottom line. If employees don’t feel comfortable and at ease going to work each day, they’re likely to cycle in and out as if walking through a revolving door. This will cost your Laredo business time and money in trainings, while risking having only employees that could know a lot more about the job they’re there to perform. If customers feel afraid, they’re not going to shop with you, which will lead them elsewhere as you struggle to find success.

Keeping Your Business Safe With The Right Security Measures

It’s important to invest in security, and to treat it as a priority. A few ways to keep your area small to medium sized business safe includes:

  • Making cybersecurity a priority in your multi-layered security system, and keeping safe the information of your customers, clients, and vendors.
  • Installing security cameras that record 24/7 footage ensures that crime is deterred, and any criminal mischief that does occur has perpetrators captured using HD footage.
  • Investing in a bolted down safe to keep any sensitive documents can ensure these will not be taken in the event of a break-in.
  • Installing a sophisticated door lock will be a great discouragement point to a potential burglar as they realize they cannot break in and out quickly.