Enterprise Security Is Constantly Evolving

April 3rd, 2019

In the past, businesses in Laredo worried about pretty straightforward threats to their security. Mostly, security systems were developed to reduce crimes like thefts, vandalism, and violence on premises. However, as technology advances, so do the mechanisms of crime. Nowadays, security professionals also have to worry about data integrity, intellectual property security, and identity theft. Security professionals in Laredo have risen to this challenge with advanced technologies to combat these crimes. However, new security threats arise everyday, and security teams need to constantly evolve to meet these challenges.

Security Threats On The Horizon

There are many new security threats on the horizon. Drone attacks, sophisticated hacking using AI, and even active shooters using advanced weaponry. To combat these attacks, security professionals and business must be aware of the threats that are coming in the near future. They must not only be able to recognize and identify these threats, but understand how they will impact their unique business and then develop a strategy to mitigate and reduce the harm.

Developing A Risk Assessment Program

The best way to begin identifying and addressing these threats is by developing a comprehensive and routine risk assessment program. A risk assessment creates a roadmap for combatting risks. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system and then assessing the system in the face of emerging threats. A risk assessment program helps prioritize threats and creates programs for utilizing company resources to address them. The most critical thing a Laredo business needs to remember about a risk assessment program is that it must be done on a regular and recurring schedule to consistently identify, address, and meet new security challenges.  

Integrating Physical And IT Threats

Many businesses separate physical and IT threats. However, criminals utilize both to attack businesses. For example, a criminal may break into your facility to get access to your IT network. Then will steal protected data for nefarious reasons. So a smart company will integrate their physical and IT security into one operational department. Having both security personnel and IT working together can help during risk assessment and create processes that provide company-wide security.

Develop Security Systems With Scalability In Mind

A common tendency for businesses faced with a new threat is to throw out the old dated system and implement a brand new one. Not only is this not cost effective, it creates a cycle where systems always become outdated. Instead, security professionals and business owners need to think in terms of scalability. Designing systems that can easily be upgraded is a proactive approach to security, rather than a reactive approach. Making scalability the new paradigm will keep your business ready for any emerging threats.

As technology advances, so should your company’s security system. Staying agile, using routine risk assessments, and implementing scalable technology, will help you protect your business from any threats now and in the future. Working with a knowledgeable security expert can help. They will assess your business needs, help you upgrade your current system, and be there whenever a new threat is identified by your risk assessment processes.