How Can Businesses Benefit From Security Cameras?

February 6th, 2019

How Can Businesses Benefit From Security Cameras? 

If you own a business in Laredo, there will likely come the point where you’ll consider whether you need security cameras. Unfortunately, many business owners in Laredo, TX choose not to install cameras because they feel as though they are already safe and that the cost is not justifiable. However, all businesses stand to benefit from installing security devices. Below, we outline the primary ways in which security cameras help companies.

Theft Isn’t Always External 

They can already be occurring under a business owner’s nose without them even realizing it. That’s because employee theft is a tremendous problem across the United States, costing businesses roughly $50 billion annually. In fact, the problem is so profound that nearly one-third of United States businesses go bankrupt due to employee theft. Lastly, three-fourths of employees surveyed said that they stole from their employers at least once.

Unfortunately, employees take advantage of the trust they’ve earned from their bosses. A security system often makes employees think twice before they steal. For instance, would employees be as likely to take merchandise from behind the counter if they knew there was a camera watching their every move? Likely not.

Protect Data And Sensitive Areas 

Not only can security cameras prevent theft, but they can also help protect data stored in sensitive areas. Studies show that, on average, it takes businesses 170 days to detect a malicious or criminal attack. By this time, hackers have already stolen sensitive data. However, cameras could cut down on this considerably, as owners would be able to see instantly whether someone accessed their hard drives or servers illegally.

One study found that a majority of criminals said that they would choose not to target a home or business if they noticed security cameras. The same concept applies to the areas of your office that are sensitive. There’s a strong chance that employees will not be tempted to enter an unauthorized area if they know that they are under surveillance.

Keep Customers Safe And Satisfied 

Security cameras could benefit the relationship between a business and its customers in a few ways. First and foremost, functioning security cameras could provide customers with peace of mind, as they know that they are safe when shopping in that store. Also, cameras could give excellent feedback to employers to help improve their relationship with customers.

For instance, business owners could review footage from the security cameras to see how their employees are interacting with customers. Owners could then use this footage as a teaching tool, showing it to the employee so that the individual can learn from the reviewable moment. Employees could also be more included to treat customers better knowing that their bosses were watching their interactions. Cameras could also help track things like:

  • Wait times
  • Customer’s shopping habits
  • Times in which the business is most busy

Lastly, security cameras could be useful when settling disputes with customers. If a customer were to claim one thing while the company claimed another, security cameras would provide an unbiased look at how the situation unfolded.