How Security Cameras Can Protect Your Car Wash Business

August 23rd, 2019

Many car wash owners skip security cameras, thinking they won’t be a target. However, criminals know that car washes are a great target. They are generally a cash-based business. They have few employees, freestanding payment machines, and a lot of places to hide. These details make them ideal for criminals. Add to that the risk of fraudulent claims and you are really leaving your business open without a surveillance system. Here are all the ways security cameras can protect your car wash.

Prevent Theft And Robbery

Strategically placed security cameras are the most effective crime deterrent no matter the business. Angling your cameras near your cash register, your change machines, and your payment centers will make them less appealing to thieves. Furthermore, having security cameras can also help prevent other crimes that can happen on your property like car theft or vandalism. 

Prevent Fraudulent Claims

As every car wash owner knows, your customers will often make damage claims against your business. They will say your machinery or staff caused scratching, dents, and even injured them. Sadly, most of these claims are completely false, but without proof, you’ll have to pay. Security cameras with footage backed up on a good storage system can provide the proof you need when someone is providing a false claim. Newer security cameras with high definition features capture even the remotest details like scratches in the paint of a car. They will protect you against these claims and could save you thousands.

Prevent Employee Abuses

The sad fact is a lot of the theft that happens at businesses is by unscrupulous employees. In businesses like car washes, that are often turnkey, owners are rarely, if ever, on site. This gives employees a lot of opportunities to steal from you. Security cameras can help this. They will not only act as a deterrent, but you can monitor your employees to make sure they aren’t stealing from you.

The Best Security Features For A Car Wash

To get all of these benefits there are a few features we recommend for car wash owners:

  • High definition cameras with night vision to capture any detail that could be helpful when there’s an incident
  • Remote monitoring so you can easily watch your car wash from anywhere
  • Large storage capabilities for up to three months of storing recorded footage

There are also some other features like motion sensors, two-way audio, and condensation protection casing that you could also benefit from.

To learn more about what security feature is right for your business, call the professionals at All American Protection. We’ll do an initial assessment and an on-site demo so you can see all the features and benefits we offer. Then we’ll design and install a custom-tailored security camera system that matches your unique business needs and fits right within your budget. The best part about it, is that we specialize in security systems for car washes, so you’ll get the surveillance system right for your industry. 

Don’t let your car wash go unprotected, call us today!