Keeping Your Pop Up Store Safe

October 24th, 2019

Pop-up stores have been changing the retail landscape throughout the years. This trend allows merchants to benefit from short-term leases. This also lets them move from one place to another and take their products where there is high foot traffic. However, this poses a big challenge when it comes to security.


Pop-up stores do not have the same security needs as normal businesses. Protecting pop-up stores may be a bit harder, but it is not impossible. A business owner needs to take security precautions and be more vigilant.


Inside The Store

The layout of a store plays a huge role when it comes to security. Use your space wisely. To deter shoplifters, put your cash registers and checkout areas near the exit. This way, your employees can see everyone who gets out of your store.


Install cameras in your store. Make sure they give you a wide and complete view of the place. Having cameras can discourage shoplifters. It can also help you catch them in the act. If possible, connect these to a mobile application so you can watch live feed even when you are not in the store.


Since employee theft is also possible, you should be wary of employees who might engage in fraudulent activities or cash register theft. Use a point of sale (POS) surveillance so you can monitor all activities involving the cash register. You can also use the video footage as evidence in case something unfortunate happens.


Protection After Lock-Up

Securing your store does not end once you call it a day. Protecting pop-up stores after business hours is more challenging since no one is around to watch over it. You can use physical barriers to keep it secured. There are rolling security gates or glass break monitors that can be packed. These are great additions to your line of defense.


Security Solutions

Invest in a security system that you can take with you when you relocate your pop-up store is a great move. Choose the best security equipment suitable for your needs. Install sensors that can be connected to a monitoring center. This way, you can monitor all activities through your phone. Once a sensor is triggered, you will immediately get an alert. This will give you an opportunity to check if an intruder is behind it or not.


Take care of all the equipment so you can use them for a long time. Inform your service provider when you will move to another place so they can help you remove and re-install everything.


If you do not have a security system yet, you better go and get one. Purchasing this system is an investment you will not regret. Research about the best system for your pop-up store or consult professionals.


All American Protection offers the highest quality of products and security services that can assist merchants in protecting pop-up stores. Contact us now and experience an excellent and affordable service that is designed to meet your needs.