4 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Protect Your Rural Home

October 10th, 2019

If you own a home in an urban or rural area, you’re at risk of a break-in. Burglars don’t care where a home is located. As long as you have something valuable within the walls, every home is a target.

Statistics show that burglary rates are higher in the country than in the city. That’s because these areas are far less populated. Those with homes in rural areas must be diligent in their protective efforts. Keep your rural home safe by keeping the following tips in mind.


1 - Say Yes To Surveillance Cameras

Peace and quiet are one of the best things about living away from the city. Many rural homes are set on large acres of property, which can be impossible to monitor at once. This is where a surveillance system can help. 

An outdoor surveillance system can watch over your entire property at one time. Cameras can detect any questionable activity and record it. A good surveillance system will alert you to suspicious activity through live video feeds. When placing your cameras around the property, cover these important areas:

  • The front entrance to your property, including your driveway.
  • All entrances and exits to your home.
  • Around the property perimeter, especially at corners.
  • Near garages, sheds, and barns on the property.


2 – Light Up the Night

When night falls, you just want to relax. The last thing you want to do is worry about what’s going on out there in the dark. Consider using motion sensor lighting that turns on whenever movement is detected. This will alert you to any possible action, and it will deter intruders from going any further. Place motion sensor lights along your driveway, around barns and sheds, and in your back and front yards.


3 – Stop Them At The Driveway

Do you have a gate at the end of your driveway? You should. When burglars see a locked gate, they might pull in, but they’ll turn right around. A locked gate creates a barrier that no one wants to cross.

Adding an access control system to your gate can ensure that it’s always locked. Access control systems can provide a log of everyone who comes and goes on your property. You can even set codes that are unique to your family and specific visitors to allow them access. Consider installing access control in your home, garage, barn, and shed as well.


4 – Set Alarms In All Structures

You might have multiple structures on the property of your rural home. It’s important that they are all protected to keep your valuables safe. Install security systems in every building that will activate an audible and visual alarm when a window or door is opened. These systems will send an alert to your mobile phone as well as notify the authorities. 

Rural home security is just as important as home security in the suburbs and city. Be sure you’re taking the steps to protect it all. Contact All American Protection for more information today.