7 Smart Devices That Can Automate Your Home

March 21st, 2019

Home automation has created some of the smartest homes of the 21st century. As of November of 2018, there were almost 17 million smart homes in the U.S. That number is expected to triple by 2023. You probably already know about the most common smart home automation devices, but here are 7 options you might not know even exist. Will you implement them in your Laredo, TX home? 

Smart Potty

A high-tech toilet that comes with a heated seat is smart enough. How about one that comes with air dryers, foot warmers, lights, deodorizers, and Bluetooth speakers? You can even sync a smartphone with your smart toilet to flush it from another room.

Smart Pets

Wi-Fi might not make your pets smarter, but it can do great things for them. Control feeders with your smartphone so Fido never goes hungry. Or, dispense meals at scheduled times to avoid overeating.

Smart Teeth

You can keep cavities at bay with the smart toothbrush. It provides real-time coaching so you don’t brush too hard, or too softly. And it uses facial recognition to ensure that you don’t miss any spots.

Smart Chefs

An interactive frying pan tracks the weight of your ingredients for perfect portions. Built-in temperature sensors ensure you never burn another steak. Nutritional values and step-by-step cooking instructions make you the chef of the future.  

Smart Sleep

The smart bed can help you get your Zzz’s by adjusting your mattress for the perfect firmness. It tracks your nightly sleeping patterns and creates the perfect cocoon for your rest. It even fine-tunes temperature for maximum conform.

Smart Trash

A smart trashcan saves you time and energy by helping you create a shopping list. The trashcan scans the barcodes on items you throw away and sends them to your shopping list. The list is then sent to a dedicated app that arranges delivery for these items from your preferred supermarket.

Smart Security

Stay connected to your home from afar by linking your home security system to a smart app. Even when you’re nowhere near Laredo, TX, you can keep tabs on your property. The app will let you know when:

  • The alarm system is turned on or off, and by whom.
  • Motion is detected in your home.
  • Cabinets and doors are opened or closed.

If you add a smart home automation system to a cellular monitoring plan, you can also:

  • Give certain people access to your home, even when you’re not there.
  • View live video feeds of cameras inside and outside your house.
  • Be alerted if a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off or a water sensor is triggered.

Smarter Living

Home automation can help you feel safer, more comfortable, and help you live a better life. You might be the first person in Laredo, TX to automate your life, but you won’t be the last. As smart home automation becomes more common, people will wonder how they ever lived without it.