Home Basics How To Properly Secure Your Home's Entrances

June 8th, 2023

Keeping your Laredo house properly secured requires a deep understanding of your property, the people who live there, and all vulnerable points that burglars may attempt to exploit. Entrance points are probably the most notable susceptible areas you need to keep an eye on.

It is important to remember that when we’re talking about entrances, we do not simply mean your front door. There are many entryways where a break-in may occur. The back door is one, as are less obvious entry points such as your first-floor windows. Making sure your entrances are secure is a big step toward improving your home security measures. Read on to discover a few tips on how to properly secure your home’s entrances.

Change Your Locks ASAP

If you’ve been living in your home unharmed for years without changing your door locks since you moved in, consider yourself lucky. While your landlord or real estate broker may not tell you this, most homes initially come with standard locks that can easily be destroyed with brute force. If you haven’t done it yet, find heavy-duty locks in your local hardware store and change your locks as soon as possible.

See to it that you change your locks as soon as you move into a new home. You should also change locks every time a roommate or former partner moves out or you lose your keys.

Don’t Forget Your Windows

We can spend thousands of dollars securing all of our doors and still remain completely vulnerable to burglary if we fail to secure our windows. Remember: burglars are crafty when it comes to making their way into a building. If one entrance doesn’t work, they’re likely to try looking for another way in. 

To secure your windows, consider having window bars or grates installed. If your budget allows, you may also opt to replace your windows with thicker glass or plexiglass. 

Install A Video Surveillance System

A modern and effective way to secure all of your home’s entrances is to have at least one video surveillance camera guarding each of your home’s main entrances. You may also choose to install surveillance cameras in outdoor areas to keep watch over your home’s windows. Video surveillance acts as a deterrent against burglars as well, which means an added layer of protection for you and your property. 

There’s no real way to fully burglar-proof your TX home. In cases where your home is broken into despite the exhaustive measures like the ones we’ve suggested, a good home security system can provide you with a deterrent to minimize this risk.

If you would like to improve the security of your Laredo home, it is always best to consult with a professional home security provider in your area. Making sure all of the bases are covered by your home security measures is a worthwhile investment because doing so allows you and your family to have peace of mind each day. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your property safe.