Smart Tips For Babyproofing Your Home

October 17th, 2019

The average parent in the United States spends well over $400 simply on products to babyproof their home. In all too many instances, these babyproofing products don’t work quite as well as parents want them to, which often leads them to spend even more to fix the gaps left behind by the babyproofing products that don’t pan out. Today’s smart home technologies, however, do work, and they can make a much smarter investment for keeping a safe home for your family.


The Babyproofing Products That Make A Positive Difference


Rather than playing by trial and error when it comes to babyproofing your home, it pays to know the right products to invest in. When it comes to a babyproofed space, you want to be able to enjoy your valuable family time without worry that your babyproofing products won’t work for you and your home. The babyproofing products that you need to make a positive difference in the safety of your home are:


  • Smart locks – Those classic babyproofing door handle covers may work for a time, but children can learn to manipulate them as they get older, and they may actually present a hazard if they’re too difficult to open. If your family needs to exit the home quickly for any reason, they can make opening doors difficult for adults as well, which may waste precious time during a stressful event.


Smart locks can be used on doors, on cabinetry, and anywhere in the home, you want to keep off-limits to your child. They do involve altering a locking mechanism, so installment should only be trusted to the professionals to ensure the unit is working and will continue to work properly. Today’s smart locks can even utilize mobile technology to alert you should any restricted lock be opened.


  • Video surveillance – Video surveillance is another helpful babyproofing tool. You can verify remotely that children are safe, and check on children throughout the night without ever stepping foot into their bedroom or nursery. Today’s video surveillance systems utilize remote mobile technology that allows you to view the footage from your smartphone or tablet device. Not only can you check up on baby, but you can keep an eye on kids while they’re home with their sitter.


  • Image sensors – Image sensors also allow you to keep a good eye on your little ones no matter where you are. You can receive mobile notifications to your mobile phone or tablet when children exit beds or cribs to go into restricted locations, and unusual movement is immediately noted.


Creating A Safer And Happier Home


A safe home is a happy home, and we only want to provide the happiest possible home for families of the region. With the right security measures in place, parents can have the peace of mind they need that their children are safe and will continue to be safe throughout any given day. If you’re considering a better babyproofing method, contact us at All American Protection today.