Why This Holiday Season Is The Right Time To Invest In Home Security

November 26th, 2019

Cold weather and falling leaves mean a lot of different things, but one of them is that the holidays are approaching. The last couple of months of the year bring with them lots of different things – family gatherings, fun with friends, delicious meals, and more.

But they can also bring shattered dreams, and home burglaries during the holiday season can put a damper on anyone’s Christmas cheer. Luckily, security systems are out there and can help you stay protected and give you peace of mind. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons that this holiday season is the perfect time to finally invest in a home security system.

The Risk Is Greater Than Ever
According to the FBI, burglary makes up about 23.8 percent of all property crimes committed in a given year. Those burglaries end up costing an average of more than $2,000 to the homeowner. But that’s just throughout the year in general. The incidence of criminal activity does spike during the holiday months. This includes violent crime, but it also includes property-related crime including theft and break-ins.

What does this mean to you? That while it is traditionally a time for happiness, the holidays also bring increased risk of burglary with them. As such, adding some protection to your property is highly important.

Protection Is More Accessible
More than any other point in history, getting protected is now straightforward and easy to do. In fact, it’s affordable and simple to start adding home security to your property. With the decreasing cost of technology, you can get a system that fits into your budget and that fits your specific needs perfectly.

Security camera systems have always formed the backbone of a good security system, and today’s cameras are better than ever. You’ll get high definition video and wireless installation as well as fast, easy operation. And with wireless technology, it’s possible to get alerts sent to your phone that tells you when motion is detected. You can then use your phone to take a look at your live video feed and make sure things are safe.

Adding 24/7 monitoring to your camera system is possible as well, and lets you relax knowing that even when you’re not watching, someone is. Combine things like burglar alarms and motion-activated lights, and your property can be protected at an affordable price that will help you stay safe and feel safe throughout the year.

Help When You Need It
To get the best results from a home security system it is a good idea to let the pros help. Our team can review your property, design you a security system that meets all of your goals and that fits into your budget, and give you security quickly. We’ll handle the installation and setup and leave you with confidence that you’re protected and total peace of mind.

This holiday season make sure that what is important to you is protected. Contact All American Protection today to get started on the security system you deserve.