Youre Being Followed What Next?

May 30th, 2019

Sooner or later, everyone living in Laredo, TX thinks about physical safety, but some people are, depending on the circumstances, at a higher risk of having their safety threatened than others. While it’s true that the USA is a first world nation, that doesn’t mean that for a lone woman, or child, it would be safe to walk alone after midnight in most US cities.

This can mean, unfortunately, that some people walking on their own in Laredo, TX, may, at some point, be followed. Unfortunately, we live in a world where if this is happening, people should start thinking about personal safety, so how do you do that?

Remain Aware

If you suspect that you are being followed, the first thing you should do is go into “high alert” with regards to your situations and surroundings. If you were looking at the ground, look up and get your bearings, understand where you are and what points of safety you may have.

If you were listening to music with earphones or earbuds, remove them so you can hear your surroundings. If someone picks up the pace and runs towards you while you’re listening to music, you won’t hear the telltale warning of rapid footsteps coming up behind you with music playing directly in your ear.

Confirm The Following

Sometimes our imaginations can run away with us, and what we think of as someone following is actually just someone that happens to be going the same way as us. One fast way to confirm this is to start altering your path and seeing what the reaction of the follower is.

If you take a right at the next corner and the follower keeps walking and crosses the street, that’s probably just your imagination at work. But if you take that right turn, and they do as well, then you take another right turn, and they also take that turn, then you take one more, and end up right back on your original path and the other person mimics the turn, this is no longer imagination or paranoia, you are being followed.

Stop Somewhere Safe

If any areas have some measure of public safety, such as a nearby gas station, convenience store, shopping mall, or another area, especially one with surveillance cameras, consider making a detour to this spot. If someone is following you, and you go to an area that is brightly lit, with other people, you immediately make any crime committed upon you much more difficult to execute.

If need be, talk to an employee of the area you just arrived at, and take out your phone, either to contact the police or to start shooting photos and videos of the person that is following you. Anything that makes a potential criminal much easier to track and identify is a massive deterrence to the average criminal and often causes them to rethink their actions and leave.

We shouldn’t have to worry about personal safety while just walking down the streets of Laredo, TX, but if you’re not prudent and alert about being followed, you leave yourself vulnerable to a real risk of harm.