Artificial Intelligence And Modern Security Cameras

March 29th, 2019

Your security system is your extra pair of eyes. It records during all hours and on all days, capturing the happenings around the camera without a hitch. A basic passive camera is great at capturing footage and allowing that footage to be reviewed, and they’re also great at deterring crime simply with their presence. However, how much better would your second pair of eyes be if they also came with a second brain?

If your security system could learn from its own surroundings, and have the knowledge to notify you when something is amiss, you won’t need to go back and review footage after the fact. You’ll be notified faster, and you’ll be able to keep your space even safer in the process. The good news is that this is technology that is available today, and is actually being used in practical capacities at this very moment. While the application may be somewhat limited today, it’s projected to grow more widespread in the coming years.

The Benefits Of Video Analytics And Smart Cameras

Smart cameras have a wealth of benefits compared to the passive security cameras we’ve come to know. For protecting your Laredo, TX business, they make a massive difference. A few benefits found in today’s smart cameras include:

  • The ability to analyze large amounts of footage – One of the more recent and dramatic advancements in smart cameras is the ability to analyze large amounts of footage with rapid speed. What this represents is incredible machine learning potential, and shows how cameras can be taught to recognize certain trigger points more efficiently than ever thought possible.
  • Trespassing recognition – Video analytics used in smart cameras can also recognize when trespassers are traveling toward restricted areas or individuals are traveling in the wrong direction. These analytics processes may even be used in Laredo retail establishments to determine if and when customers are spending unusual amounts of time in a particular area.
  • Facial recognition – Recognizing suspicious people in a room, a building, or a crowd is made simple with facial recognition smart cameras. These cameras are able to pick out faces, compare them with databases, and alert should they determine something is amiss. For Laredo, TX city cameras or event security, this can be an invaluable asset.
  • License plate recognition – License plate recognition, or LPR, is incredibly useful in traffic light cameras and other public smart cameras. This feature helps a camera to pick out license plate numbers, and runs the plates to point out past citations, years, makes, models, and any red flags that might be associated with the vehicle.

Smart Security Of Tomorrow

Smart cameras are only getting smarter, and they’re only growing in popularity throughout the Laredo area and beyond. With the capabilities of today’s smart cameras, one can only imagine what these cameras will be able to do next year, the year after, or the year after that. With smart cameras guarding public and commercial areas of the region, the community can thrive in a safer and more secure atmosphere.