Consider Cameras For Your Quarry Security

August 9th, 2019

A quarry can be a dangerous place to work.  Heavy machinery traveling in all directions, tons of rock and aggregate moving around, sudden drops onto hard surfaces, and lakes full of dangerous minerals make it important for employees and visitors to keep both eyes open while they’re on the premises.  Quarries can also have valuable equipment that’s easier to steal than a dump truck and business information that a competitor might want.  All in all, it’s important for a quarry to have some basic security.

Some quarry owners think all they need for security is a simple fence with a “no trespassing” sign.  It’s true that a quarry doesn’t need the same level of security as a high-tech business or a bank, especially if the winter months close operations for a while.  Still, there are a few good reasons why you should invest in a few cameras and a service that will watch the live feeds for you and contact the authorities if they see something.

Keep An Eye On Your Equipment

The dump trucks, bulldozers, explosives, and other heavy and dangerous equipment are all extremely expensive and crucial to the operation of a quarry.  Heavy equipment theft isn’t very common, but vandals will sometimes deface heavy machines or take it for a short and dangerous joyride if they find the keys in the ignition.  You might also have employees who don’t treat their machines with respect or follow protocol, and a set of security cameras can show you what they do when they think the boss isn’t paying attention.

Watch For Trespassers

While thieves and burglars don’t often come to quarries, you’ll sometimes get thrill seekers who want to race mountain bikes through the quarry, drive cars up the ramps, or swim in what looks like a quiet and empty lake.  However, few of these trespassers understand the dangers or know how the terrain will react beneath them, and quarry lakes are full of dangerous chemicals.  A surveillance system gives you a chance to spot these trespassers and warn them off or call an ambulance if the worst happens.

Improve Worker Safety

Quarries aren’t just dangerous, they’re also big.  That means it can be hard for a supervisor to keep track of every employee and make sure they’re following the safety protocols and avoiding accidents.  But accidents can happen even in the best-run quarries, and when they happen reaction time is always important.  Security cameras let one person watch several locations at once, so they can help you spot accidents as soon as they happen.

Stone and heavy machinery might not be as easy to steal as candy bars and gasoline, but quarries and gas stations can both benefit from installing a camera security system.  Surveillance cameras can monitor employee performance, spot accidents, and keep track of your equipment, and all of that can improve a quarry’s bottom line.  For more information on camera systems and advice on which models to buy for a quarry, contact All American Protection today.