Which Features Should Your Business Security Cameras Have?

November 8th, 2019

When you start looking for a good set of security cameras for your business, you’ll find dozens of options leap out at you.  Each camera (or set of cameras) is unique in its design, setup, and feature list, and even cameras that look similar can come with different software systems and integration capabilities.  If you want the right cameras for the right price, it’s important to know which features you should prioritize and which ones will only waste your budget.


A pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera comes on a mount that lets you move the lens around, either with manual controls or with an automatic sweep.  A single PTZ camera can replace a group of two, four, or even more cameras on a single mount, which means you can save money.  On the other hand, PTZ controls don’t really help when the camera is covering a single interior room or corridor.  In these areas, a wide-angle lens will give you the coverage you need without an extra cost.


Low-light cameras can use infrared light to record their surroundings without needing a light source, making them great for dark areas like parking lots or property perimeters at night.  However, these cameras can be expensive and sometimes the better solution is to buy more exterior lights so that regular cameras (and your employees) can see clearly after nightfall.  Infrared cameras also have trouble seeing through solid objects like glass and clear plastic.  Still, in some locations, a camera with low-light vision is the perfect choice.

Wireless Housing

Old surveillance cameras needed two wires:  one for power and one to send a signal to the recording device.  New cameras can be completely wireless by running on battery power and transmitting their footage on a Wi-Fi signal.  Completely wireless cameras are much cheaper to install and move around since you don’t have any wiring to add to the walls or ceiling, but you also need to replace the batteries regularly and set aside enough wireless bandwidth to carry the signals.

Motion Detection

A camera with motion detection will activate or start recording when something starts moving nearby.  This makes it easier for your security staff to focus on important moments since they won’t have to review hours of recordings where nothing happens.  However, this focus won’t make much of a difference if the camera points at a busy sales floor where people constantly move around or if the camera has an exterior view that includes waving trees or a busy street.  These cameras are much more useful in low-traffic areas like offices, secure areas, and retail areas after closing time.

Your security system may need all of the above features, but not on every camera.  Instead, you should get a mix of cameras that give you the best set of features for the place you put them. All American Protection can help you choose the right cameras for your business, and we can help you integrate them into the rest of your security system.  Contact us today to learn more.